Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Jeff Buckley Movie?

I first discovered Jeff Buckley as I think most people do, in the midst of post break up depression.  I was in college, freshly dumped, not showering, and down in the dumps of self pity when I stumbled upon his first album Grace.  And oh what a moody, lovetorn,  depressing, high pitched breath of fresh air it was.  This man understood me, he knew my pain, and I could feel it ebbing from the speakers.

I believe that music at its best, meets us wherever we are, be it in unrelenting joy, hum drum boredom, or gut wrenching heartache; and works its way into our lives through those moments.  Sometimes its just background, and other times it seems its literally carrying us along.  And it's probably different for everybody, but for me to find a musician who seemed to be waaaay more sensitive than me, dumped more times than me, and have a higher pitched voice than me was huge. As time went on I delved deeper and deeper into all things Jeff Buckley, his mysterious drowning death, his unfulfilled attempts at recording a follow up album to Grace, and the estranged relationship he had with his famous father Tim Buckley; which it turns out is fascinating in its own right.

And now, it looks like a Jeff Buckley movie is finally going to be made... Yes Please!!

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